Election 2016 – Deez Nuts Polling Ahead

Presidential Election Deez Nuts 2016
Presidential Election Deez Nuts 2016

What was sure to be a two-candidate race war, has now evolved into a Tortoise and the Hare style chase. Having only minimal coverage on television, a small¬†community pulled together to make sure their favored candidate got his name got out to the masses loud and clear. Deez Nuts is running for the “American Populist Party” as a write-in for the third candidate spot in today’s election. Now it is apparent that those efforts were not without merit. With early voting out of the way, Deez Nuts has secured a solid spot on the ballot at 9%.

Today’s outcome is predicted to be very favorable for Deez Nuts due to the opening of Text-To-Vote option. ¬†Teens are the primary age group that skipped out on early voting, so the candidate is expecting a significant spike in votes coming in.

2016 Presidential Polls - Deez Nuts 42%

2016 Presidential Polls – Deez Nuts 42%

We will keep you posted as the election continues through the day.

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