Spirit Cooking: The Clinton Campaigns Dirty Secret

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To get to the root of how Hilary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign is still standing after the multitude of debacles that have plagued the Clinton camp, one must first understand Spirit Cooking. And to understand spirit cooking one must fully understand the evil satanic rituals behind it. Leslie Stratembaum, a renowned Spirit Chef and Satanist, had this to say of the dark practice, “Spirit Cooking is the art of infusing another person’s life essence with your own through the act of ingesting bodily fluids and parts.” She also revealed to us, that this process was a way for an individual to gain power over people whose spirit level was lower than their own, this effectively gave the practitioner a way to manipulate and control not only a subject’s life and free will, but a subject’s soul as well.


“Spirit Cooking is the art of infusing another persons life essence with your own through the act of ingesting bodily fluids and parts.”

This, is a haunting and very disturbing practice that, John Podesta, a person very close to the Hilary Clinton Campaign has been proven to be a part of. But the question remains, do Bill and Hillary Clinton practice this mind-numbingly sadistic ritual? All the evidence points to the family heavily following in the Satanic ritual of Spirit Cooking. She has long since shown how controlling of the media, debate moderators, and even her own family. If this practice does, in fact, grant you dominance over others then it would be very hard for the Clinton’s, who have wielded entirely too much power over the American populace and legislative communities, to prove otherwise. From history, we know Hitler had his own Spirit Cooking rituals which allowed him to gain control over a majority of his subjects in pre-Nazi Germany. We demand an answer from the Clinton’s and deserve an in-depth look into their personal social lives so we can see just how far down the rabbit hole this whole thing goes.

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