A Rigged World Series: Trump Strikes Again

The long since coming World Series Championship win for the Chicago Cubs may be short lived. An unknown source has recently come forward saying that multiple players and umpires were paid off by associates of Donald Trump. This was in an effort to secure the first World Series win in 108 years the Cubs, who Trump was reluctant to support due to his unsportsmanlike nature. But, why would Trump want to ensure the Cubs victory in the most important baseball game of the season? Was it because of a massive bet? Or, was he seeing just how much power he had over people? We believe it was much more sinister than that. We believe Donald Trump hates Native Americans and would stop at nothing to ensure the Indians would not achieve a victory in the World Series.


Since coming onto the scene this election season, Trump has shown his hate for a multitude of people in America and beyond. The LGBT community, Muslims, Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, the disabled, the Chinese have all individually been openly hated by Trump. Of course, another group of people being strongly disliked by Donald Trump should come as no surprise to most Americans. It is preposterous to think that any one would go to such lengths as to tarnish the image of America’s Favorite past-time. But, just as America has allowed The Donald to continue his run for the presidency en-lieu of all the hate he has brought. This information would most likely not tarnish Trumps following.

But, what does this say of those that back the “business” mogul. Are they just weak minded, ill-willed, and hateful as Donald Trump? Or, Are they just so hurt by the system that they will do anything to upend what the conservative media has made them come to despise – The Obama Regime. Either way, WE as an American People must look past hate, we must not let it envelope ourselves. We as a country deserve better. We deserve a candidate who truly holds to our standards. One who will push the envelope, not destroy or delete it. Which is why on November 8th, I urge you to vote for Bill. Bill Nye, the science guy.

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