How You Can Help Stop The Great Turkey Take Over

Grocery stores across the United States are on the verge of a crisis due to over shipment of turkeys. Even though our Halloween costumes still reek of musty sweat from miles of candy scavenging, Christmas music and ads are already seeping in everywhere! Grocery stores are claiming that there will be no room for Christmas hams due to the overwhelming amount of leftover turkeys. Store manager Lester Morgan was quoted saying “We are running out of freezer space, Americans have to remember Thanksgiving!” Lester later fired his assistant manager Patty Wise for requesting that Christmas music to be played in the store.  As concerns grow over this looming Turkey take over, other store managers look for relief.  They have started campaigns such as Eat More Turkey, Hold the Christmas Carols, and Gobble Up.  These initiatives have created a strong support for finding families for these forgotten turkeys.


With Christmas music and ads infiltrating our TV, radio, and mailboxes, it would appear that Thanksgiving is a forgotten celebration. Moreover, Thanksgiving has become nothing more than a calendar token to Black Friday. Despite the fact that Black Friday is a hate-fueled early morning search for slightly discounted electronics and toys. Thanksgiving is simply being brushed under the rug like dirt and discarded dreams. In an unnamed poll the majority of Americans feel Christmas should not be the focus of this part of the holiday season. This time is all about family, and love, and coming together.

So do your part, and buy a turkey. Don’t let the creeping Christmas music, cheesy commercials, and overbearing corner Santa tear down your Thanksgiving spirit. As for Dux News, Thanksgiving will never just be “another day”. Gobble Gobble!

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