The Shower: Eco friendly Waste Removal

It would seem that for as long as there have been showers, there have been people peeing in them. Surprisingly, there is a growing trend of people that claim to not share this practice. Well this reporter is calling shenanigans! According to recent polls 32% of women and 75% of men claim to do this during their showers. Some men were quoted as saying things like “It saves water” and “I was already washing it so why not?” Either way, myself and many others agree releasing that sweet gold asparagus smelling thunder water is the best way to go. However there are those that would claim different, and were quoted as saying “Ewww why would you do that?”, and “It smells bad” or my personal favorite “The person next to me in the gym shower gives me dirty looks.”

Dirty looks aside,  concern is growing over the lack of clean water consistently available around the world. With this concern,  it would seem that peeing in the shower is not only great for the environment, but has proven to be highly relaxing as well. Other people though, seem reluctant to contribute to the betterment of society because of a little pee on their feet. I mean come on people!! Why not release and reduce water use?  We are in the 21st century and loofah’s are cheap. There are impoverished people all over the world that would give anything to pee in a shower from time to time. Instead we have snub nose people who want special receptacles to accept there offerings even when there is plenty of fresh water right where they stand!

I’m not saying that peeing in the shower is the only option you have;  I’m simply saying that it’s the best option when the opportunity arises. Imagine how tranquil and euphoric it is to simply let go and release that wonderful golden spray with no objections.  Imagine never having to worry about your aim or where it may fall. Then imagine that golden thunder water to be simply washed away with a little soap, and a little water and a big smile on your face. So what type of person are you? Are you the conservative, environmentally sound, shower peeing super hippy or are you a water hungry, wasteful, objection-loving,  non-peeing in the shower type of person.  It has been said before,  and this reporter will say it again. You either pee in the shower or you’re probably lying.

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