November 2016

Presidential Election Deez Nuts 2016

Election 2016 – Deez Nuts Polling Ahead

What was sure to be a two-candidate race war has now evolved into a Tortoise and the Hare style chase. Having only minimal coverage on television the community pulled together to make sure his name got out to the masses loud and clear. Deez Nuts is running for the “American Populist Party” as a write-in for the third candidate spot in Today’s election. Now it is apparent that those efforts were not without merit.

A Rigged World Series: Trump Strikes Again

The long since coming World Series Championship win for the Chicago Cubs may be short lived. An unknown source has recently come forward saying that multiple players and umpires were paid off by associates of…

How You Can Help Stop The Great Turkey Take Over

Grocery stores across the United States are on the verge of a crisis due to over shipment of turkeys. Even though our Halloween costumes still reek of musty sweat from miles of candy scavenging, Christmas…

The Shower: Eco friendly Waste Removal

It would seem that for as long as there have been showers, there have been people peeing in them. Surprisingly, there is a growing trend of people that claim to not share this practice. Well…