School Sends Kids Home Because of Halloween Costumes

School kids Halloween costumes
School kids Halloween costumes

Outraged school officials are tirelessly sending students home today due to their Halloween costume of choice not being “sexy enough.”

Maggie Dickson, a student counselor, chimed in to share her view on the matter. “These students are tarnishing the tradition to utilize the one free day a year we get to dress as provocative as possible. I will not let them waste this grand opportunity.”

Parents don’t seem too sure on what to do now that they spent money on a costume that has no bonus benefits. Since it’s past October stores are not allowing returns anymore.

When asked what the students should have been wearing they listed out the following acceptable variants: sexy nurse, sexy nun, sexy vampire, sexy student, sexy fighter, sexy maid, sexy frog, hot chef, sexy fireman, sexy wrestler, sexy lifeguard, sexy mechanical engineer, sexy security alarm specialist and finally a respectable pole dancer.

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