Harambe’s Last Thoughts: We Have to Change The World

Harambe is looking down on us all.

May 28th, 2016 the world was turned upside down, one day after his 17th birthday Harambe of the Cincinnati Zoo was brutally murdered. The death of Harambe sparked outrage in communities around the world, causing us to question accountability, police brutality, and excessive force. Even now a few 5 months after the killing, we still have a long way to go before true justice is fully served. But, what we can do is reflect on who Harambe was, will be, and still is to many of us around the world. We can come together to fully realize the final thoughts of Harambe and truly bring about a change in our world, the change that Harambe wanted. And the change we so desperately need.

Harambe introspective.

Harambe wanted a different world, one without lines and barriers.

The above image is truly shows Harambe in his most purest of form. We can feel the sincerity, the love, and the pain he knew affected the world. Harambe knew that we as humans care too much, that we act on feeling, and that we hate as much as we love. We react blindly based on emotion and inflict harm on one another from cause of fear. And what we fear, we hate, and what we hate, we destroy. Harambe knew this to be true and wanted to change the world in some form. But, Harambe had no voice to speak with, no stage to stand on, and no audience willing to listen. With no way for us to understand, Harambe knew his only way of communicating with us was martyrdom.

And on that fateful day when Isiah Gregg crawled into Harambe’s enclosure, Harambe knew this was the time for action. He knew that his last moments were upon him. As Harambe dragged Isiah through the moat and stood up tall as if to appear aggressive, he set in motion a movement not of hate but one of peace. And as the gunshot rang out and the bullet pierced his chest, Harambe wept.  But he did not cry because of sadness or pain, weakness or doubt. He cried because he knew his love for us would conquer the hate and move the masses. He knew that we would have no option but to acknowledge all that is wrong in our world. And as his final breath left his body, the last thought Harambe had was one of joy, he saw a new era. An era where all people, of all walks of life, of all nationalities and creeds, and of all religious beliefs can come together as one race. A race not blinded by hate and not oppressed by fear. A race with the power to show love, compassion, and understanding to all. #dicksout


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