Missing Clinton supporter from debate spells disaster for the Clinton Campaign

The third and final 2016 Presidential Debate has come and passed, and the like the old tale of Charybdis – American People are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to choosing the next leader of the corrupted free world. Trump continued his verbal attacks against the left, the right, and everything in between. And while Clinton did nothing as brash as her opponent, there was a key missing person from this debate. A person whose very absence has the ability to bring the Clinton Campaign crumbling to its knees.


Hillary’s Fly, without warning, was missing for the entirety of the debate. Hillary’s Fly’s presence in the previous debate sparked such grandeur and amazement that the internet boiled over in excitement over such an outstanding and well known member of the community. @Fancy_Sceptile is quoted as saying, “I was just waiting for the perfect…candidate! I finally found one to vote for!”


Hillary’s Fly chose the perfect timing to show support for the Democratic candidate. And at this time, the people knew, this is the candidate that mother nature is supporting. But, the story doesn’t end there. As per last nights debate, Hillary’s Fly, was a no show. But what does this actually mean for the Clinton Campaign. On the surface, this is your classic supporter jumps ship story, but, it really means much more than that. In an undisclosed poll performed by no specific entity, Clinton was estimated to have won the election with 95% of the US vote (Republican and Democrat) in the days just following Hillary’s Fly first shown support of the candidate. But now with a new poll from the same entity, it is assumed that Hillary Clinton is on par to lose this election by a margin of 20% at Trump taking 60% of the vote  to Clinton’s 40%. We are curious what you the people think Hilary’s Fly’s absence means in regards to the chances of Clinton being elected President of the United States. Please take our poll here to give us your verdict. http://www.strawpoll.me/11470650

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