Houston Man Drops Vegan Lifestyle Over Recent Football Team Victory

Andrew Cronker, a local Houston man, has dropped the lifestyle choice of veganism he has carried for years after he lost a bet this weekend. His co-workers wanted to make a wager on the far-fetched outcome of the upcoming football game. The bet was if the Texans lose then Andrew would get first dibs on the coffee pot at break time, and if the Texans won then Andrew would have to try meat for the first time in his life by participating in the annual bacon eating competition held at the stadium.

Andrew considered the odds in his favor as it is reasonable to believe the Texans would not win many more games this season. As it would turn out, the odds were definitely not in his favor. In the coming hours The Texans would win in their game against the Colts 26-23 in Overtime. Of the 29 times these teams butted heads this is barely the 6th victory for Houston.

When asked, Andrew said he was nervous but absolutely willing to go through with consuming the bacon. Andrew’s coworker, Stephen Wrigley told us, “I told him he didn’t have to go through with it. But, Andrew was adamant to hold up his part of the bargain, and I respect him for that. But, I never expected it to go this far” When asked if he thought Andrew could fully go through with it, Stephen was reluctant to say, “I know Andrew, and when he is serious about getting something done. Nothing can stop him”.
Jeanine Pollpot of Andrew’s office told us, “It was all so fun at first, but then something changed. You could see the..the meat take control of Andy’s body. It almost seemed demonic.” We questioned her on what happened. She responded,

vegan_and_his_meat“At 5:00 pm the contest was underway, all the contestants powering through bacon, all except Andrew that is. He seemed to be staring at a bacon strip in his hand, a perplexed look on his face. “You can do it ANDY!!” I shouted. Andrew’s face became anew, and he bit down on the strip of bacon. Happiness seemed to pour over him as he took another bite. And another. And another one! He began to pick up his pace, it seemed like within seconds he had both hands full of bacon and was stuffing it into his mouth like a mad man as we all cheered him on. Then, the whistle blew for the end of the competition. Everyone stopped…but Andy just kept on goin’.”




•  Story by: Kaiden North  // Dux News – REAL NEWS, REAL NOW

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