College Students upset over Starbucks’s “WAR ON COLLEGE CULTURE” with misleading Red Party Cups

Millions of students across the globe are upset over the “WAR AGAINST COLLEGE CULTURE”


It appears that college kids are starting to question the alcohol content in the new Starbucks RED PARTY CUPS – claiming that the White Russians they received taste like they have very little vodka content, in fact one student posted a video waving a gun around a local Starbucks claiming it didn’t have any vodka at all.


Some college kids have another stance on the issue at hand, saying that now common folk, business men and women, and other people that actually make contributions to the world might accidentally be mistaken for a worthless drunken college kid.
“They have all of our jobs, and now they even look and act like us – all we have now is our¬†incomprehensible debts.”


  • Story by: Brent Wenchester ¬†// Dux News – REAL NEWS, REAL NOW


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